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Terms of Service

By creating an account in the FlinnSTEM™ program for access to any FlinnSTEM™ module, you agree to the following terms of use:
  1. Only state certified teachers, department employees, and school administrators may create a teacher account in the FlinnSTEM™ program.
  2. All teacher registrants will be verified by Flinn Scientific for teaching status and activated upon verification. Any registrant that is unable to be verified by Flinn Scientific will be prompted to contact Flinn directly to activate an account.
  3. All FlinnSTEM™ module material, including written text, figures and images, video content, animations, and assessment questions and answers are subject to copyright by Flinn Scientific, Inc. Any user who violates this copyright could be subject to legal action. Using the protected content for any reason other than the intended purpose as stated by Flinn Scientific, Inc. can be interpreted as a violation of the copyright. All account users of the FlinnSTEM™ program may not print and distribute any of the contained course material, including written text, images and figures, quick quizzes, and assessments.
  4. Access to this FlinnSTEM™ program account and all the information and privileges that come with that access are limited to only the individual who has created the account. Login ID’s and password information are not to be shared with other individuals.
  5. Flinn Scientific, Inc. may update content within a FlinnSTEM™ module from time to time. These edits will be made if there was a grammatical or technical error found.
  6. Flinn Scientific Inc. was not involved with nor is responsible for the content on outside educational resource sites.