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General Account Set-up

What information is required for an account?

A. General contact information, along with information about your school, grade level and role are required to setup an account. Your sign-up information will be validated by Flinn Scientific before access to the program is granted. This may take up to 24 hours (M-F).

Can I change my email address?

A. Email addresses cannot be changed in the FlinnSTEM™ program. Contact Flinn Scientific if your existing email is deactivated or you change schools.

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Teacher Account Topics

How do I view a Free Course Preview from my teacher account?

  1. Sign in to the FlinnPREP™ program.
  2. Verify that your teacher account has been activated. Your login status, located under your name, should be "teacher".
  3. Select the "Preview Course" button in the left page navigation. Users on a mobile device will need to open the menu icon to access this button.
  4. Select the course that you want to preview.
  5. Users with a verified teacher account can preview all course content including unit text, images, videos, animations, and quick quizzes. End-of-unit assessments are not available as part of the free teacher preview. Sample Assessment Questions are available to view or download. A full feature demo unit is also available on the home page that includes a sample end-of-unit assessment. Users must be logged out to access the demo unit.
  6. FlinnPREP™ course units are listed near the top of the page allowing teachers to navigate to a different section.
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Website Navigation

I do not see the course navigation menu on the left side of the page

A. If you are viewing the FlinnSTEM™ program in portrait mode on a tablet or on a smartphone your screen will automatically format to fit your screen. The menu may be accessed by selecting the square icon with three horizontal lines. The menu will then open on your screen.

What is included in a Demo Unit?

A. The FlinnPREP™ AP* Chemistry Prep Course and AP* Biology Prep Course both have one demo unit available. Each allows users to experience one full unit as a student would in the course. Included is all course content (text, images, animations, videos, quick quizzes) and access to the end of unit assessment. The demo unit allows users the opportunity to view re-teach videos for assessment questions that are not answered correctly.

Can demo unit assessment results be saved and applied to a purchased Course?

A. Results from a demo unit assessment will not be applied to a purchased course. The demo unit operates separate of any activated course.

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Purchasing a Module

How do you complete a transaction using the secure credit card checkout process?

  1. Verify that the correct number of registration keys is selected, in most cases this will be the default selection (1).
  2. Select "Add a New Card" if you have not already added a credit card to this account.
  3. Enter credit card information into the secure purchase window.
  4. Select "Save" once credit card information has been entered.
  5. Once a card has been verified and saved, select the card and press the purchase button.
  6. After the purchase goes through you will receive an on-screen confirmation with your 8-digit registration key. Write this down or copy the keycode so it can be pasted on the redemption page. You will also receive an email with your receipt of transaction, 8-digit registration key, and invoice number.
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