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Customer Testimonials

Karen Henderson - East Aurora Middle School

"What more could you ask for? The work is already done for you. The training is top of the line. It involves standards that are low and high for the students, and engages them in ways that they will not only learn the material but remember it. Having all these materials, having the support of IMSA and Flinn providing the materials is very exciting."

Jason Crowley, 8th Grade Science Teacher, Lincoln Middle School, Berwyn, IL

They [students] like it [IMSA Fusion]. They seek the challenge. The ones [students] that are academically driven, they seek that competitiveness. And then the ones [students] that are a bit shyer, they warm up and they find their goals. You have students help each other out and so they take it on. They want that next level, seeking out challenges and, of course, looking at the different approach of engineering or design or different methods.

Killeen Sharp, 4th Grade Teacher, The Jesse White Learning Academy, Hazel Crest, IL

I think they [other teachers] should get the program, work with the IMSA program because everything is right there. I'm not a science teacher by any stretch of the imagination, but I can read through the teacher's guidebook and know exactly what to do, how to present it to the students, what kinds of questions I can ask them to steer their thinking in a certain direction, and it's all hands-on. Hands-on for the students, but hands-off a lot of the times for the teachers, who are more so the facilitators.

Laura Broadnax, McClure Junior High School, Western Springs, IL

I think Fusion is an amazing way to infuse science into your classroom that is supported. You've got all of the materials ready for you. Some of these activities would take hundreds of hours to get ready for so not only do you have high quality lessons, but you've got all the materials ready and waiting for you. You just need to get ready and get your kids excited about it.